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LZ Lambeau

LZ Lambeau

In May 2010, an event called "LZ Lambeau" was held at Lambeau Field in Green Bay to honor the service and welcome home Wisconsin's Vietnam vets. The letters "LZ" come from the military term "landing zone".

I worked two volunteer shifts on May 21 & 22, performing the simplest of tasks. I stood at the main entrance to the Lambeau Field parking lot on Oneida St, and as vets and their families arrived, I simply greeted them with a heartfelt, "welcome home." Some vets responded with a simple, "thank you", while many offered a nod of appreciation, in silence. I hadn't realized how powerful those two simple words would be to a Vietnam vet: "welcome home"

The entire event was a combined effort by Wisconsin Public Television, Wisconsin Historical Society, and Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs.

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